The Infrastructure behind millions of product

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Founded in 2006, Medistri has been focused on building infrastructure for the healthcare industry. Companies of every size, from startups & university projects to Fortune 500 companies use our services to save time, scale and focus on what they do best.Medistri reduces the barriers to healthcare product development & scalability. We provide infrastructure for new ventures when they get started and for existing companies to grow globally.

👉 Medistri’s expansion has always been focused on helping the world’s most innovative healthcare companies to get their products on the market in the safest & fastest approach. We’re constantly listening to our customers, that’s why we’ve engineered all our company’s infrastructures to be working hand in hand with each other and our quality team, under one roof, at all times.

The combined resources & complete integration of expertise from our laboratory, sterilisation, packaging, manufacturing & quality team allow you to fully integrate our services your existing operational workflow. Allowing our customers, to benefit from our integrated stack of services on a daily basis.

Did you know?

✅ +90% of our international customers use Medistri’s services for their most complex projects.

✅ +95% of our customers repeatedly use both our laboratory & sterilisation services.

✅ +70% of our Sterilisation customers choose Medistri’s Express Services.

In our industry, where we work for bettering global health, companies set a high bar for their partners. That’s why they work with Medistri.

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- The Medistri Team