Contract Steam Sterilization Services

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Medistri provides contract steam sterilisation services for products such as medical devices, diagnostics, drug delivery systems and components.

Steam sterilisation technology exposes your products with saturated steam under pressure. Steam enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms by reducing the time and temperature required to denature or coagulate proteins in the microorganisms.

For effective Steam Sterilisation it is critical that the steam covers all surfaces of the device. To ensure optimal conditions, our autoclaves have built in meters that display temperature and pressure conditions with respect to time. Allowing you to sterilise a wide range of products, materials & components such as:


✅ Filled Syringes.

✅ Pharmaceutical Vials.

✅ Metallic Surgical Instruments.

✅ Glass based products.

✅ Liquids in open or closed containers.

✅ Gels in open or closed containers.

✅ Porous Fabrics.

✅ Ceramic based products.


Steam sterilisation cycles generally have three phases including conditioning, exposure and exhaust.

1️⃣ Pre-Conditioning: During this phase, the air is removed from the chamber and the load is humidified by means of alternating vacuum and pressure pulses.

2️⃣ Exposure: During this phase, the chamber temperature is raised to and held at the pre-validated sterilising temperatures for the per-validated exposure duration.

3️⃣ Post-Conditioning: During this phase, dry loads are cooled and dried or liquid loads are cooled. The chamber is brought to atmospheric levels.


Medistri’s Contract Steam Sterilisation services include the following areas:

  • Qualification studies
  • Product compatibility studies
  • R&D testing
  • Routine contract steam sterilization
  • Validation


👉 Medistri is fully qualified to perform Steam Sterilisation according to ISO 17665, ANSI & AAMI guidelines.

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Medistri’s Contract Steam Sterilisation Services: