Designing Sustainable & Scalable EO Sterilisation Processes

EO Sterilisation Services: Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach

At Medistri, we believe our focus on using our resources to create sustainable solutions are both ambitious and necessary. To achieve our objectives, we focus on scalable innovation. Designing and implementing new technologies, mobilising financing structures, and rapidly deploying renewable energy.

In addition to our gas treatment technology and we’ve invested our resources in order to offer a better alternative to the traditional sterilisation method. Medistri has popularised & offered a smarter alternative to the market called the “ Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach”.

The traditional method called “Overkill Approach” is based on the performance of 3 half-cycles with total kill of Biological indicators and 1 short cycle with some growths.

The “Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach” requires that the bioburden stays constant over time and less resistant than the biological indicators used. For completing this approach several cycles with different exposure times are performed in order to find the lethal rate.

This means:

✅ Cycle length is shorter as there is less aeration time because less gas is used.

EO gas quantity will be reduced as the Bioburden is lower than the biological indicators

✅ The residue in the products will be decreased, faster release of products- Costs of cycle decreases.

Sustainable & environmentally friendly method.

✅ During this method by the performance of several cycles comparison of products and identifying the worst-case product could be clearly demonstrated.

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- The Medistri Team