GC/MS Analysis

GC/MS Analysis (also called Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry) is an analytical process that utilises the capabilities of Mass Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography in order to determine the chemical compounds within a sample.


👉  GC/MS Analysis are recognised for being one of the most highly reliable and effective analysis for the pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Device industries.


GC/MS Analysis are also preferable for chemical compounds with low limits of detection. Our customers use our GC/MS Analysis to analysis sample in any size chemical state particularly when sample quantity is restricted.


Medistri’s Laboratory leverages world-class equipments and infrastructure to maintain the highest level of accuracy and precision for our customers most specific applications.


GC/MS Analysis can identify both volatile and semi-volatile chemical compounds. Medistri’s laboratory can analyse both liquid and gas compounds using the direct injection method into gas chromatography - allowing for a large scope of applications:


✅ VOC & SVOC Testing

✅ Residual Analysis

✅ Compound Separations

✅ Compliance

✅ Identification and Quantification

✅ Material Outgassing Testing

✅ Identification of Debris & Contamination

✅ Identification Impurities

✅ Identification of Potential Extractables and Leachables


Our laboratory works according to ISO 17025 (current version) and is accredited since 2008 by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). All testing can be performed according to European or US pharmacopeias.


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