Medistri gets ahead with new renewable energy solutions for its sterilization and laboratory facilities.

2022 marks the next frontier of Medistri’s efforts to become global leader in sustainable sterilisation & healthcare-innovation infrastructure.
 Medistri announces in 2022 that 100% of its sterilisation & laboratory facilities are moving to 100% renewable electricity. 
 Additionally, Medistri is directly investing in smart infrastructure to eliminate upstream emissions and promote our Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach for stable & sustainable EO Sterilisation
 Medistri continues to work with Switzerland’s network of energy companies and advocates to help make our environmental efforts stronger for our community. Hydropower provides the most effective new source of electricity to many forward-looking organisations. 
 Medistri is constantly developing stronger relationships with its suppliers to help execute on their renewable energy goals, and bring new clean energy to communities across the globe. 
 Medistri provides Sterilisation & Laboratory Services for the word’s most innovative healthcare companies. The company believes our focus on using our resources to create sustainable solutions are both ambitious and necessary. To achieve our objectives, we focus on customer-centric scalable innovation. Designing and implementing new technologies, mobilising financing structures, and rapidly deploying renewable energy
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 — The Medistri Team

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