Medistri SA Renews Laboratory Accreditation

(Download: Medistri SA Renews Laboratory Accreditation in PDF by Medistri)

On the 30 of June, Medistri re-accreditation application has been accepted. Since its foundation in 2006, Medistri has continued to grow into one of the leading providers of contract sterilization & laboratory services for healthcare companies.

Medistri has grown to become a dependable partner for businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and biotechnology sectors. We provide infrastructure for new ventures when they get started and for existing companies to grow globally.

Medistri's in-house laboratory is a full-service contract laboratory, specialised in microbiology, analytical, bioanalytical chemistry & cell biology services, custom synthesis, and R&D.

The reports and certificates issued under an accreditation and which are also recognized abroad within the framework of international agreements support the confidence in the quality of the correspondent products and services.

Herewith, the reports and certificates issued by accredited CAB contribute considerably to the elimination of barriers to trade. The Swiss Accreditation Service is an important device to create a transparent and qualified infrastructure for conformity assessment bodies in all branches.

Our laboratory works according to ISO 17025 (current version) and is accredited since 2008 by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). All testing can be performed according to European or US pharmacopeias.

Our in-house laboratory is located at Medistri's headquarters in Domdidier. For more information, please visit or contact