Our Assembly Process. In 6 Steps.

A product must be assembled in a focused environment for it to reach its final users under perfect specifications. Therefore, from the day you take your order until final delivery, Medistri follows a precise protocol in order to deliver the optimal final outcome within weeks of our collaboration.

This procedure includes :

1️⃣ Brainstorming

You fill in the technical information sheet to

- Specify your product’s technical specifications.

- Define the final components within your product.

- Define the final packaging types & restrictions.

2️⃣ Choice of packaging

Depending on your product specifications, Medistri can provides multiple types of packaging that will be used during the assembly phase. There are three types of packaging that we regularly use:

  • Sterile Packaging
  • Simple Plastic Packaging
  • Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging

3️⃣ Visual inspection

Medistri takes delivery of the product’s components. After delivery, inspections are carried out to asses the quality and reliability of the materials according to your product’s technical specifications.

4️⃣ Disinfection, Assembly, Packaging & Sterilization

It is important to disinfect the products prior proceeding to the assembly stage in order to maintain high levels of control on the final products. Once the products have been packed, they are ready for sterilization.

5️⃣ Quality control

Medistri carries out an in-depth verifications of the products throughout all it’s stages to ensure that the quality of the operations are maintained to the highest quality standards.

6️⃣ Delivery

Your product are delivered to your logistics center or final-user.

Medistri’s manufacturing team works hand in hand with our quality, sterilisation and laboratory teams to provide a completely integrated scope of service for our customers.

The process we employ allows our customers to source quality products and issue fully custom kits.

With Medistri’s GMP authorisation, you can now also introduce pharmaceutical products into your personalised kits.

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- The Medistri team