Our Environmental Commitment

(Download: Our Environmental Commitment by Medistri in PDF)


At Medistri, we have invested our resources in finding smarter systems, protocols & validation methods to reduce, optimise and eliminate EO emissions. Although there are local and federal regulations that have been put in place for such purposes, we believe in setting up even higher internal standards to ensure the health and safety of our communities and future generations.

Since our foundation in 2006, we’ve been focused on using our resources to establish sustainable infrastructure. We believe our commitments are both ambitious and necessary. To achieve our objectives, we focus on scalable innovation, designing and implementing new technologies, mobilising financing structures, and rapidly deploying renewable energy.

👉 We’ve installed complex, leading-edge, high-performance gas treatment technology systems. Our systems are in full compliance with local and federal legislation and they allow for an almost 100% complete reduction of EO emissions.

👉 We’ve also invested our resources in order to offer a better alternative to the traditional sterilization method. We’ve popularised & offered a smarter alternative to the market called the “Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach”.

This approach requires that the bioburden stays constant over time and less resistant than the biological indicators used. For completing this approach several cycles with different exposure times are performed in order to find the lethal rate.

✅ Cycle length is shorter

✅ EO gas quantity is reduced

✅ Faster Product Release

✅ Lower Residuals

✅ Sustainable & environmentally friendly method.

The markets are moving towards more sustainable processes. Using less gas, having faster cycles with less residuals allows you to become a forward-thinking market leader.

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- The Medistri Team