Sterilisation for Pharmaceutical Vials

220'000'000 is the number of pharmaceutical vials that Medistri sterilised in 2021. And we’re working towards helping our customers scale even faster.

The sterilisation of glass pharmaceutical vials should be performed with a highly specific and well-designed cycle designed after studying all the critical parameters. The sterilisation parameters used during this process depends primarily on the nature and design of the containers, closures and packaging material.

A crucial prerequisite of terminal sterilisation is to improve the aseptic manufacturing sterility assurance standard of pharmaceuticals without impacting pharmaceutical validity.

Medistri has invested in advanced technologies and a modern processing plant in order to sterilise your pharmaceutical and biomedical products, components & packaging while ensuring the integrity and durability of your products.

“Global Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation Services engineered for speed & scale.”

👉 Wether you’re a startup company or large enterprise, you can now follow your products throughout its sterilisation process and get a clear view of when your products are ready to leave our facilities.

You can find Medistri’s GMP compliance certificate from Swissmedic here. 

✅ Terminal sterilisation of sealed devices combining a device and drugs (filled syringes, impregnated stents).

✅ Sterilisation of pre-filled syringes, vials or cartridges, where ethylene oxide must not reach the drug product.

✅ Sterilisation of active ingredients in bulk.

✅ Elimination of DNA.

✅ Care sets containing pharmaceutical products.

✅ Quality control of your products in our laboratory.

Once your products have been sterilised, Medistri will perform your Bioburden Testing, Bacterial Endotoxin (BET), Biological Indicators (BI) Sterility and Ethylene Oxide (EO) residual analysis in our in-house GMP Accredited laboratory in Switzerland (also certified with ISO 17025) to analyse and demonstrate the safety of your sterile medical device.

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- The Medistri Team