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Real-Time Ageing Tests

Real-Time Ageing Tests are a great way to test the durability of a product. They can also be used to test how quickly an object will deteriorate, or even how long it takes for certain chemicals to break down. It's important that you follow all safety precautions when performing a real-time ageing test.


EO Sterilisation for Pharmaceuticals

Sterilisation is a crucial process in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs and medical devices. Ethylene oxide (EO) sterilisation is one of the most widely used methods for sterilising pharmaceutical products. In this article, we will discuss the basics of EO sterilisation, its advantages and disadvantages, and its applications in the pharmaceutical industry.


Accelerated Ageing Tests

Accelerated ageing tests are essential in determining the expected lifespan of materials and products in a shorter period of time. These tests are conducted to simulate the natural ageing process under extreme conditions, such as high temperature and humidity, to predict the performance and durability of the materials and products.


Integrity Testing

Integrity testing (also known as Sterile Barrier Integrity Testing) is a critical quality control measure used to ensure the integrity, or the ability of a package to contain and protect its contents. Integrity testing is used to detect any leaks, punctures, or other defects that can compromise the packaging and potentially lead to contamination or spoilage of the contents.


Transport Simulation

Transport Simulation (also known as Transit Testing) is an essential process that ensures the quality and safety of products during transportation. It involves subjecting products to various tests to simulate the conditions they may encounter during transit. Transit testing is critical for companies that want to reduce the risk of damage, loss, and returns.


Environmental Conditioning

Environmental Conditioning simulates particular field conditions that a package will encounter as part of the supply chain. ASTM D4332 is a standard practice for conditioning containers, packages, or packaging components for testing. Specifically, ASTM D4332 is designed for the package to experience simulated environmental conditioning before it is subjected to other testing. So, for example, the ASTM D4332 would be administered as a precursor to the ASTM D4169 test.


Introduction to Packaging Validation

Packaging Validation stems from the need to ensure the quality of products across the many steps in your distribution cycle: from shipping to storage. It is indeed an increasingly common requirement for many product categories, including a strong emphasis on the packaging quality requirements for medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Complement Activation

The complement system is part of the innate immune system and plays an important role in host defense, inflammation, tissue regeneration and other physiological processes. Complement activation leads to the opsonization of pathogens and their elimination by phagocytes.


Introduction to Chemical Characterisation

The chemical characterization of materials is an essential aspect of the regulatory review and approval of medical devices in the European Union (EU) and most major markets worldwide. Chemical characterization is also an essential aspect of the overall biocompatibility assessment process, which helps to ensure that the potential benefits of using a given medical device are not outweighed by the potential biological risks associated with that device or its components or materials.


What is a Sterile Barrier System?

A Sterile Barrier System (known as SBS) is often present (and mandated by regulation) in the medical packaging industry. It refers to minimum packaging that prevents contamination and helps to sterilize the finished product. The system must guarantee sterility throughout the whole supply chain from production through to the operation room. ISO 11607-1 specifies the requirements related to the compliance of the packaging for sterilised medical devices, including materials, sterile barrier systems and packaging systems.