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Manufacturing Services

Our Assembly Process. In 6 Steps.

Medistri follows a precise protocol in order to deliver the optimal final outcome within weeks of our collaboration. With Medistri’s GMP authorisation, you can now also introduce pharmaceutical products into your personalised kits.

Our Environmental Commitment

We believes in sharing the collaborations that we have with our team, community, suppliers, governance, ethics & operations to attain our environmental commitments.

Announcing: Medistri’s New Instagram Page

Join our page and find our weekly publications focused on healthcare product development as well news around Medistri and our future developments.


Sterilisation for Pharmaceutical Vials

The sterilisation of glass pharmaceutical vials should be performed with a highly specific and well-designed cycle designed after studying all the critical parameters.


Designing Sustainable & Scalable EO Sterilisation Processes

At Medistri, we believe our focus on using our resources to create sustainable solutions are both ambitious and necessary.

We've popularised & offered a smarter alternative to the market called the “ Biological Indicator/ Bioburden Approach”.

The new stack of fully integrated services

Medistri combines all it’s technical infrastructure together and places quality at the heart of our day-to-day operations.